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initial coin offering

Welcome to Pyrrhos Trust Company

We are the experts for digital gold on the blockchain
about us

About Pyrrhos Gold

Pyrrhos Gold (PGOLD) is an asset-backed cryptocurrency token where thousand token represents one gram of gold bar, stored in professional vault facilities. Anyone who owns PGOLD has ownership rights to that gold under the custody of Pyrrhos Trust Company. Since PGOLD cryptocurrency token represents physical gold, its value is tied directly to the real-time market value of that physical gold.

PGOLD gives customers the benefits of actual physical ownership of specific gold bars with the speed and mobility of a digital asset or cryptocurrency. Customers are able to have fractional ownership of physical bars. On an exchange, customers can convert their tokens to fiat currency (and vice versa) quickly and efficiently, reducing their exposure to settlement risk. You also have the option to exchange your PGold tokens for real physical gold here on our website and thus the certainty that the PGold cryptocurrency tokens in circulation are always covered with the sufficient amount of real gold. This is also what sets us apart from our competitors, no other token or coin on the market offers this option. PGOLD is available for trading on many different exchanges. PGOLD will also be available on other cryptocurrency-asset exchanges, wallets, lending platforms and elsewhere within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Invest in a cryptocurrency token with a big future and a strong foundation!

Pyrrhos Gold Token

Earn Money and store wealth without any risk!

You will keep the Pyrrhos cryptocurrency tokens (PGold) securely in any ERC20 token-enabled wallet.
We also store the equivalent value of the tokens in physical gold in one of our highly secure safes.
These safes are located in safe places, so you can be sure that your tokens are always 100% secured and backed by physical gold.

You can sell the Pyrrhos tokens on many exchanges at the current gold price.
But always keep in mind that gold is a rare good and will increase in value over the time.
So the Pyrrhos Token (PGold) is more secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What distinguishes our token from other projects

We are the only cryptocurrency gold token that is really covered and deposited with physical gold!
There is no fixed amount of PGold token, as soon as we store new gold in our safes,
the amount of token is offered for sale on the various exchanges.
PGold tokens are also burned should the amount of gold stored decrease.
This ensures that the token price always remains stable.

You have the possibility to exchange your token for real physical gold at any time.
Send us your PGold tokens via the token exchange form and we will send you the physical gold, worldwide.

No other coin or project offers this service!


Why you should choose our Pyrrhos Gold Token

Custody Fees

We do not charge any extra fees
for storing the physically deposited gold bars.
The physical gold is deposited in various banks and can be exchanged for the PGold cryptocurrency at any time.

High availability

There are enough tokens for you to buy at the various exchanges. Each of these tokens is covered with a certain amount of physical gold and is safely stored.
We are entering into cooperations with more and more exchanges to further spread and make the token available.


Time to Settle

Immediately! You can freely dispose of the purchased cryptocurrency tokens immediately. You can leave the tokens, PGold, on the exchanges or send them to any ERC-20 token-enabled wallet.
If you have any further questions, please visit our Wallet-Page.

PGOLD grafic


A digital token, backed by physical gold. Pyrrhos Gold Token (PGOLD) is a digital asset, a cryptocurrency. Each token is backed by physical gold, stored in secure vaults all over the world. If you own PGOLD, you own the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Pyrrhos Trust Company. You can exchange your tokens (PGold) for real physical gold and have it sent to you at any time.


Our global team provides customer service around the clock by phone and email. Get a dedicated account manager with minimum purchase of $40K.


Pyrrhos is a company you can trust. PGOLD is fully-backed by allocated gold held in the most secure, leading vaults in the world. A nationally ranking auditor will attest to the matching supply of PGOLD tokens and underlying gold every month.


PGOLD Gold is the only gold token that you can redeem for LBMA-accredited Good Delivery gold bullion bars. For additional convenience, smaller amounts can be redeemed through a network of physical gold retailers around the world. Pyrrhos customers can always redeem for USD at current gold market prices.

Low Fees

Extremely competitive fee structure for creations and redemptions of PGOLD tokens (0.03-1% based on volume tiers) in the wallet, low on-chain Ethereum transaction fees (0.02%) for and zero storage fees. As with other ERC-20 tokens, nominal Ethereum gas fees apply for on-chain transactions.


Easily convert or redeem PGOLD for fiat, physical or unallocated gold via the Pyrrhos platform (coming soon!). Trade PGOLD against other digital assets on popular crypto exchanges. Use PGOLD wherever ERC-20 tokens are supported.

Highly Accessible

Built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, PGOLD can easily be moved or traded anywhere in the world, 24/7. With low investment minimums, now anyone can own a fraction of an gold bar.

Do you have any question about our project?
Write us an EMail and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

See the current gold price here

Gold price by


Ancient Gold

Human beings have always prized gold. The rich have always used it for jewelry and eating and drinking vessels. Since Ancient Times gold has also been used in dentistry. The earliest evidence of golod comes from 3,600 BC. By about 600 BC people were making gold coins. Our chemical symbol for gold, au comes from the Latin word aurum.

People have always plundered gold from other nations. The Vikings plundered monasteries in Europe of gold and jewels. The Aztecs and the Incas also had gold – until they were conquered by the Spanish. The New World provided Spain with huge amounts of treasure. In the 16th century 150,000 kilograms of gold and 7.4 million kilograms of silver were shipped to Spain.

In England in the mid 17th century people sometimes deposited their money with goldsmiths for safety. The goldsmiths issued a note promising to pay the bearer a certain sum on demand. In time people began to exchange these notes instead of coins because it was easier and safer. Goldsmiths began to lend the money deposited with them in return for a high rate of interest. They also paid interest to people who deposited money in order to attract their savings.

Modern Gold

There were also gold rushes. If a person discovered gold huge numbers of people flocked to the area hoping to make a fortune. In 1695 gold was discovered in Brazil. Another source of gold was discovered in 1719. The discovery of gold led many people to settle in the interior of Brazil. In 1848 a man named James Marshall discovered gold in California. News of the find reached New York in December 1848. As a result people went to California in their thousands and the population boomed. Other gold rushes took place in the USA when gold was discovered in Colorado in 1858, in Idaho in 1860, in Montana in 1862 and in South Dakota in 1874.

Gold was also found in Australia. In 1871 gold was discovered near Darwin and as a result the settlement thrived. In 1892 there was a gold rush in Western Australia and as a result the population of Perth boomed. Meanwhile gold was discovered in South Africa in 1885. In 1896 gold was discovered in the Yukon, Canada. As a result men flocked to the Klondike

Today gold is the state mineral of Alaska and California.

Use our token to send money across borders and always take it with you.

With our token, it is also possible to take larger amounts of money with you across borders without any problems.
Simply convert your cash amounts into our PGold Token on the various exchanges and save the PGold Token
on your computer or smartphone and take it with you wherever you go.
So you have no problems with border controls or problems with the registration of larger amounts of money,
since this is now a digital currency.

If necessary, convert your PGold Token at your destination on the stock exchanges either into FIAT money or into Bitcoin or Ethereum.
You also have the option to exchange your PGold Token for real gold on our website and have it sent to you.
We are the only service provider that offers you this service.
You see, it has now become much easier to transfer larger values ​​easily and anonymously across borders.



Why Pyrrhos Gold (PGOLD)?

Our token is linked 1 to 1 to the current gold price, so our Token is a cryptocurrency gold stablecoin.
It is no secret that gold is a rare commodity and cannot be created infinitely.

So the gold price and thus the token price increases.

For each token sold, we deposit the equivalent in physical gold.
You can exchange your tokens (PGold) for real physical gold and have it sent to you at any time. For further information’s about the exchange process, please go to our conversion site.

This physical gold is safely deposited in one of our safes.

So you don’t have to worry about the gold being stored safely.
Our Token is a storage for gold.

If the gold price rises, the price of the token also rises.
Currently, 1000 PGOLD tokens are equal to 1 gram of gold.

The tokens that are not in circulation are securely held in an offline wallet and are only released if we also keep the equivalent in gold in a safe place.

In the future, we plan that you can send the tokens to one of your local gold traders, who can then exchange physical gold for you.
Our token is the new digital gold!

Please also view our explainer video.

Gold worth increasing over the years

It can be very profitable to keep gold for several years!


Latest News

Buy our Token on an exchange

You can now buy and sell our token on exchanges.
Please follow the links to the exchange.

Where can I buy the PGold Token?

You can buy the PGold Token on!

Simply register an account on and then deposit Ethereum or Bitcoin to your Wallet on, then you can exchange the tokens to the PGold Token.

Centralized exchanges

Trade PGold/BTC – PGold/ETH – PGold/USDT

vindax logo

Decentralized exchanges

We recommend the browser extension MetaMask for trading our token.
We also recommend that you use the Brave Browser.



PGold on McAfeeDex switchdex exchange pgold Token on



Our Token Airdrop is now live!

We are distributing $ 100,000 worth of tokens, which you can quickly join to participate.
You will be guided step by step through the process.
After the airdrop ends, we send the tokens to all participants.
We also have a customer recruiting program built in,
for every successful recommendation you will receive more tokens.

You can track and view your token credit from your personal dashboard.



token airdrop pgold

Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date and don´t miss anything.

Pyrrhos Gold Token

Our Experts Team

(behind the scenes of our management team)

“We do everything to bring the company and this project forward. Thanks to a stable and financially strong parent company, we can achieve our goals. With an experience of more than 15 years in this area, we feel ready to make the project bigger and stronger. We believe that there is a large market for our service and that there is a great demand. Blockchain and Crypto are the future on the internet and in large business areas.”

flags germany malta south afrika

The Pyrrhos Trust Company has branches all over the world, such as in Germany, Malta and South Africa.

We are constantly trying to expand our business all over the world.




Roadmap Pyrrhos Trust Company

Our mission and goals

our goals

Our goal is to spread our token as far as possible
and to establish the PGold token as an accepted gold alternative.
The PGold Token is to be listed on many larger exchanges.
We want to further spread cryptocurrency and increase acceptance
by private individuals and companies.
Cryptocurrencies are indispensable in an increasingly digital world.
We want to simplify the transport of precious metals across borders.

Our next goal is to penetrate further markets
and offer the token exchange service through the European Union.

The PGold Token is intended to be used by private investors
and larger organizations as a store of value.

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