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Want to earn some extra PGold Token?

Enter our Bounty-Program and share your Youtube Video about us and we will reward you with PGold token worth of 100$ !

video bounty program

We are currently looking for new talents in the field of video production.
You have your own YouTube channel and have some time to shoot a cool video about our project and our cryptocurrency token PGold?
We think that’s great!
We will also reward your effort by rewarding every video that appears about our project on your YouTube channel with PGold Token worth at least $ 100.

You just have to make a good video about us which highlights the advantages of our project.

– The video must be published on your YouTube channel and contain a good description and a great title.

– The video must be about 5-10 minutes long and be in English or other languages like Russian language, German, Arabic, French, Spain, Turkey, Chinese,…so on.

– The video has to be shared on Social-Media

(Please do not submit videos that are only about the airdrop, we want to see creative videos about our project from you.)

You find all information’s about our project at our website.

Please link our website and our social media channels in the description.

Share this video on all social media channels you know and let us know.

After the quality of your video has been checked by our team, you will receive a message from our team with all the details to receive our reward.

Please mail your video link so we can keep track of your video [email protected]

Have we piqued your interest?
Start today and generate a great reward!

The rewards are distributed once a month by our support team!

Please also leave your PGold or Ethereum address in the video description, so we can guarantee a quick dispatch of the tokens.

As a special incentive, we are giving away 5 professional
video lights in April 2020 from all videos that will be published in February and March.

(A little tip, the more creative your videos are, the higher the chance of winning)
The winners will receive a message from us and their
gifts will be sent directly to you worldwide, via EPackedge.

(Members of the Pyrrhos Trust Company and their relatives are excluded from the raffle)

Did you have any questions?

Please contact us and our social media managers via our Telegram channel!

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