transfer money cross boarders

How do you transfer large amounts of money across borders?

This is not always easy if you want to transfer large amounts of money across borders, for example if you want to change your company headquarters or do business in other countries.
You usually have to register these amounts with customs or other institutions in your country and destination.
Bank transfers are also very heavily regulated and cost high fees to transfer large sums between accounts and various banks.

transfer large amounts

We want to help you with precisely this problem.
With our PYRG Gold Token, you can hold values ​​almost free of charge or transfer large values ​​around the world. And even in seconds, not like with conventional bank transfers that sometimes take days or weeks to reach your destination.

The transaction on the blockchain is completely secure, fast and anonymous.

You can have the PYRG token from the company Pyrrhos Trust Company withdrawn on various exchanges in fiat currency or have it exchanged for other currencies, such as bitcoin or ethereum.

Our token is 1: 1 covered with physical gold. This way, value retention is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about price fluctuations.

Simply save your tokens on your mobile phone or laptop and travel around the world without any problems without ever having problems with the registration of values.

Do you have any further questions? Simply visit our website or send us an email. We look forward to you!

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