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The PGold cryptocurrency Token from Pyrrhos Trust Company differs from the gold stablecoins currently in circulation.
The PGold Token is an Ethereum based ERC20 token.
Token name: Pyrrhos Gold

The contract address is: 0xf02dab52205aff6bb3d47cc7b21624a5064f9fba
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The token has no set amount, as soon as physical gold is deposited, new tokens are released in return.
The deposited gold is securely stored in various beacons in Malta and Germany in lockers and is therefore included
Quickly needed for dispatch to our customers.
Should the amount of gold held down decrease, the corresponding amount of tokens will also be burned.
If, in return, the amount of gold stored increases, more tokens will be available for purchase
offered on the various exchanges.
This is done to keep the price safe and stable.

What makes the PGold Token special is that the tokens held can be exchanged for real physical gold at any time.
This is not possible with any other gold-backed stablecoin.
With PGold you can be sure that the same amount of gold is held as there are tokens in circulation.
The token exchange takes place via a special page on the website (
There you will be guided through the process step by step.
You simply send your desired amount of tokens to an address specified by us, after receiving the token you can
Then proceed with entering your shipping information.
We ship the physical gold worldwide.

Now you only have to pay the shipping costs, this is done either via PayPal or via Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Now it only depends on the speed of the shipping service provider until you have the gold in your hands.


Pyrrhos Trust Company is a Malta-based company,
it was founded in mid-2019 and has a large team of developers,
permanent employees and freelancers.
Pyrrhos Trust Company is engaged in the development of
Blockchain based projects, DAPPs and software.
The Pyrrhos Trust Company is currently looking for additional permanent employees for your projects,
please visit the website and
you can see which positions are currently still open.


The token can currently be traded on several crypto exchanges.
The price of the tokens is always based on the current gold price.
If the gold price increases, the price of the tokens also increases.

1000 PGold tokens are equivalent to one gram of gold.
The price is kept stable via the “Burn and Mint” process.

The goal of the Pyrrhos Trust Company and the PGold stablecoins are to become the standard in the area of ​​gold-covered stablecoins.
With no other coin or token, you can be really sure whether the same amount of physical gold is deposited.
This is only possible with our PGold token, as we always have to be able to taqush our tokens for real gold.


Token airdrops worth $ 100,000 are currently underway to drive the spread of the PGold token,
To participate in the airdrop, visit the Pyrrhos Trust Company website at
If you missed the last token airdrop, check the website from time to time or follow us on Twitter.
There are also many ways to connect with Pyrrhos Trust Company on the website.

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If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time by email, we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.