We are looking for specialists

We are looking for employees with experience, know-how and dedication who
want to make a difference and who want to take part in solving blockchain challenges and development.
Choosing Pyrrhos Trust Company gives you the chance to start a promising technical or administrative career.

During your time at Pyrrhos, you can take part in technically challenging,
innovative projects that require extensive expert knowledge.
Our strong focus on research, development, and innovation opens up a wide range of options
– from projects that target new industry standards to the development of future-proof solutions.
With us you also have extensive opportunities to work abroad in the short or long term.
We also offer you the opportunity to work from home.

The training and development opportunities at PYR / Pyrrhos are tailored to your skills and position.
With our “Top Tech Program” for technical employees and the development program “The Journey”,
which supports managers at various points in their careers,
we invest in the development of first-class managers and technical experts.

In which areas are we currently looking?

  • Blockchain developer
  • Marketing manager
  • SocialMedia expert
  • Webdesign

As experts, you are expected to have in-depth knowledge of your area of expertise
and to make significant contributions with your expertise both within the company and outside of it.
They are recognized as international technical experts and are driving the development
of next generation PYR services.
Our experts have in-depth expertise in areas such as blockchain and marketing.

Our headquarters are in Malta, but you can work for us from anywhere in the world.

Are you interested in a job with us?

Then please contact us and send us a short description of yourself and a description of your skills and where you have worked so far.
A salary requirement is also important to us.

Please send us an email with your details to

We look forward to you!

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