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How the Pyrrhos Trust Company earns money with the Pyrrhos-Gold project.

Some may wonder how a crypto company makes its money.
You might think that this is mainly due to the sale of tokens to various exchanges or
direct sales to private investors happen.
That may be true for many crypto projects.
Many companies finance themselves mainly by selling tokens or coins.
However, this is different with Pyrrhos Gold, since the PGold Token cannot simply be offered on the exchanges.
There will only ever be as many tokens on the free market as the Pyrrhos Trust Company and physical gold in various safes
holds. This ensures that the token price always remains stable.
If PGold tokens are returned to Pyrrhos Gold to get physical gold, those tokens will be destroyed immediately.
These tokens are sent to a special address, which then irretrievably destroys the tokens.
Should new gold be stored, new tokens will also be released to the market.
The tokens that are not in circulation are kept in special escrow accounts, which are not accessible to employees or
The Board.

Well, how do you make money on a project like that?
The Pyrrhos Trust Company earns its money only when the physical gold is shipped.
A service fee of around 3-5% is added.
This is not too much to unnecessarily increase the trade in real gold or to make the trade in gold unattractive.
However, it is sufficient to finance business operations and to ensure stable further development.

To provide complete transparency of the business activities of the Pyrrhos Trust Company,
an annual financial report is published and published on the website (
We are convinced that this is only complete transparency towards our investors and our private token holders
can lead to perfect trust in our company and our business model.

If you have any further questions on this topic, you can reach us via the known communication channels.

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