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How to keep your token and coins safe.

You always hear about new hacks that affect various exchanges or wallets.

But what do you do to protect your valuable token and coins? Well, the question is easy to answer, have you ever heard of hardware wallets? These are small devices that are very similar to an ordinary USB stick. Most tokens can be safely stored on it. You simply connect the hardware wallet stick to your computer and now send the token from an exchange or wallet to the device, when the transfer is complete, you can simply disconnect the hardware wallet from your computer and your valuable token and coins are not already more accessible or hackable to other people. The tokens can only be accessed again when you reconnect your hardware wallet to your computer. Of course, most hardware wallets are also equipped with an extra password so that even in the event of a loss, your token will not be given to others. Should you ever give up your hardware wallet, you can easily buy a new one and restore it with a special code. So all your coins and tokens are accessible again.

We currently recommend the Ledger Nano S because it offers the best value for money. We have linked the Ledger Nano S and its competitors again so that you can find the right one directly.

ledger nano s best hardware wallet

Please also make sure that you only buy new hardware that comes from trustworthy hands. It can also happen that devices that have already been used may have been manipulated and other people then have access to their token.

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