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The end of holding precious metals as we know it!

pyrrhos trust company

Gold and other precious metals have long been known as stores of value.
Especially in today’s times it is important to have a reliable investment form.
Continuous inflation keeps our money worth less.
Shares are a good option to avoid negative interest rates, but they can also be quite volatile.
It is better to put your money in stable investments, such as
Gold or other precious metals.

If you want to put a few hundred dollars in precious metals, the handling is not yet
all too complicated and you can take it home and hide it in a safe place.
But if you want to put a larger sum in precious metals, things look different.
Not everyone has a large safe at home that also fulfills the necessary security levels.
Another option is to store the gold in a bank, which of course has the necessary security measures
to keep your gold safe and secure against burglars.
But a bank won’t offer you this service for free. So can
the storage and insurance fees quickly eat up the entire profit.

But what should you do if it is not possible to store the gold at home or in a bank?
Put your money in tokenized gold.
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are one of the safest ways to store values ​​and take them too
no place away.
You can easily store cryptocurrency on your computer or mobile phone at home.
The company Pyrrhos Trust Company with your own PYRG Gold Token offers you the possibility to buy money-covered tokens,
these are always covered with gold and are based on the current gold price.
If the current gold price increases, the value of the digital tokens also increases, and vice versa, of course,
if the gold price sings, so does the value of the tokens.
The Pyrrhos Trust Company from Germany always stores exactly the amount of physical gold in circulation in safes such as tokens
So a stable price is always guaranteed. Of course, these gold stocks are 100% insured and protected.

The big advantage is the storage and the possibility to always carry your gold values ​​with you.
Have you ever tried to carry several kilos of gold with you or take them on a plane?
With the tokenized gold, this is no longer a problem.
Simply store gold worth several hundred thousand dollars in your mobile phone or laptop.

 precious metals

Our token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. This offers high security and fast transactions
at low cost. The Ethereum Blockchain is considered one of the safest blockchains on the market.

Do you want to sell your gold now?
No problem, the Pyrrhos Trust Company from Germany works with many different exchanges.
So it is possible to sell and buy your assets quickly and safely from every country in the world.
Simply have your PYRG token paid out in the usual local currency or simply exchange the PYRG token
against Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencys.
You can also exchange your PYRG gold tokens for real gold on our website.
Send your PYRG tokens back to us and you will receive the corresponding amount of gold by post.

Have we piqued your interest?
We are happy to help you, even with large investment sums or cross-country transfers.
Simply visit us online at or write us an email.
On our website you will find further information, such as on which exchanges our tokens are listed or how exactly you can buy our token.

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