During the Global Economic Crisis, Can Cryptocurrency be the Answer to Financial Security?

The pandemic problem caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasingly affecting the state of the economy on a global scale. Stock values start to decline, investors panic and sell their assets to hold cash.

If there is one asset that can be a counter trend for this global scale problem, Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is an attractive asset in the midst of the problem.

That reason also brings you and me back to the beginning of the purpose of the cryptocurrency created: Revolutionizing a transparent and decentralized financial system. In other words, there are no certain parties who can interfere in the development of the value of a crypto asset.

Crypto asset trend counter

Bitcoin crypto assets dropped from prices such as investments and other stocks. Many people think the decline in the value of these assets because conventional investments also decline. After dropping from 20% at the start of March last week, bitcoin crypto assets showed a significant price change from the price of 70 million to 112 million in just a few days.

This is the long-awaited crypto asset lover, showing that global problems like this do not affect the value of the crypto assets themselves. Although it is still the most volatile asset, this digital-based asset shows the potential to become a safe asset to be saved in times of crisis like this.

Investment in digital assets is promising, but stay alert

If the Covid-19 issue has already reached the recovery stage, this digital asset can also be a consideration for securing your financial situation or mine. Who knows, can also be a money shock in a fairly short period of time.

But for now, patience is the key to observing the potential and opportunity in the narrowness that is happening now. Prepare a bullet (cash) to buy up assets that are thought to benefit you.

Disclaimer: This paper is only as a forum and information for readers, not suggestions for buying or trading crypto assets.


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