About us, our company, our project and token

Pyrrhos Trust Company

Why let the government hold your gold and let them control the value of your money when you can take the control
and have the right currency with transparency, and control?
The world is changing and the paper currency as we see it is not more than a century and a half old.
The question is, what is the future of currency and how are we going to trade in the future.

We all must have heard the term cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain technology.
It is all about giving you, the owner of wealth control over it and not let any centralized bank define the value of your wealth.

However, the catch with cryptocurrency is that it is not backed by any actual matter or value and other currencies define the value of cryptocurrency.
Hence, there are high chances of fluctuations as we have noticed over the past decade.
We are solving the problem for you by providing you the right opportunity to have control over
your wealth and assets by investing into tokens that are backed by the blockchain and represent actual gold stored in vaults.

Our Mission

We want everyone to liberate and not pay for holding wealth.
We are giving you the chance to let yourself free from the centralized banking systems that hold your wealth and then charge you for keeping it.
Why should someone define the value of your hard-earned money and resources?

With us, you can have full control over resources.
Our tokens represent actual gold and hence have lower chances of fluctuation.
Opposite to banks, we do not charge you any custody fees.
We have the lowest transaction fees and flexible transactions through any cryptocurrency exchange.
Our support team is always eager to help you with any questions or issues you might have.
With us, you can access your funds at any time, any place in the world.
You can redeem your PGOLD tokens for actual gold,
or redeem them against USD value of the gold from outlets across the world.

The best thing is, that our tokens do not depreciate.
They are 1 to 1 linked with gold prices and the price rises with the prices of gold in the actual market.
For each token sold, we score an equal amount of gold to back it and retain the value of tokens.

Are you interested in our token?
Here you can download our preliminary business plan,
where you will find a lot of useful information about our project and the future of our project.